About Us

  • Our Chairman tried to fit another of his businesses with panelling - the high prices, poor quality and lack of choice convinced him that there was a huge gap in the market - Shore Laminates was born.
  • We started up at a small 9000 square foot site on Shore Road in Perth, recruiting key individuals for expert posts, making the business detail led and very hands on. A sentiment which, despite the increase in size, has never been lost.
  • The ranges progressed quickly from basic panelling to Aluminium Framing with Veneers, timber and High Pressure laminate systems.
  • Engineered systems were developed that made specifiers, and our competition, begin to sit up and take real notice.
  • Controls and operating procedures, which were key to ensuring the high standard of quality we required from the factory, were created and developed.
  • Our first computer was bought (which we had to share).
  • Huge contract to fit out the whole of Glasgow international airport was pitched for and won.
  • Further big contracts were won for the likes of Scottish Widows and Standard life, as large office complexes became popular.
  • Fitted out the grounds of both Celtic and Rangers (to try and be as even handed as possible).
  • Our ability to deliver on time, every time, helped us develop our market position in Scotland, however, the company's ambitions were far wider than that of a regional supplier.
  • Moved to a 20,000 square foot building just down the road from the first site, which although complicated (numbers of employees and computers had increased considerably) was felt necessary in order to realise the aforementioned ambitions.
  • The company began to focus on branded products such as shower panelling, worktops and off the shelf cubicles.
  • Wetwall was developed - this is now the UK’s leading shower panel.
  • We joined the internet age with the launch of our website which helped our products gain interest on a national and international level - although it took a good five minutes to load each product photograph!
  • Hudsons, a business based in Havant, was purchased to give us more presence south of the border as our national sales continued to rise.
  • This expansion allowed us to understand the UK market and provide the foundation for national services we now offer, and have done for the last ten years.
  • Wetwall rebranded to push the product directly to consumers, with the introduction of new website and literature for both national and international market.
  • The site in Perth was doubled in size to 40,000 square feet as sales for wetwall increased year on year (particularly since the rebrand).
  • This increase in size enabled us to install a fully automated production facility and modern environmental control systems within our factory.
  • After the completion of the Wetwall product development it was decided to develop new cubicle and washroom systems to enhance the businessʼ offer in terms of quality, service and price.
  • These developed products would compete in a huge market by them being a far higher quality than anything else of a similar cost.
  • Ten year guarantee idea is developed after the new systems prove unbelievably strong in testing.
  • New cubicle systems launched along with a total rebrand for Shore, both building upon our years of proved experience - honest products and honest service are guaranteed.
  • We now have the same great staff, more computers, and a website where the photos don't take ages to download.
  • New automated production line commissioned tripling panel output.
  • Development of market leading patetnted jointing system completed.
  • New award winning brochure launched strengthening brand awareness.
  • Exciting new decors added to the range bringing more choice of vibracncy and subtle tones.
  • Development and launch of a specialist polymer product unique in the market.
  • The glass effect finish providing a complete new look for the domestic and washroom markets.
  • Investment in new machinery including Beam Saws and a cutting edge Double End Tennoner.
  • IT infrastructure re-developed to provide enhanced electonic communication and data exchange.
  • Development of bespoke fabrication allowing production of complex multi-material assemblies.
  • Introduction of new finishes including nanotechnology laminates.



We guarantee all of our products for up to ten years against any manufacturing problems. No arguments, no small print. We want you to be confident that all of our products are built to last.

Optional Maintenance Agreement


This agreement ensures that your cubicles will perform at their best for the next 25 years. The benefits include emergency call outs, annual inspections, antibacterial audits and huge parts discounts.



Our expert team of fitters and installers have been working with cubicles for the last 20 years. Use them if you want to make your job go as quickly and as simply as possible.